Press Releases

All the latest news and events concerning the Jefferson County Historic Landmarks Commission:

Work Concludes on Coyle Cemetery Stone Wall Rehabilitation: Press Release

Conservation Easement Placed on 24 Acres of Shepherdstown Battlefield Land

Jefferson Security Bank Makes Contribution to Historic Preservation Fund, June 2019

Jefferson County Historic Landmarks Commission Receives Cemetery Grant from Eastern West Virginia Community Foundation, March 2019

Historic Landmarks Commission Awarded Grant from National Trust for Historic Preservation, November 2018

Jefferson County Historic Landmarks Commission Receives Grant from Eastern West Virginia Community Foundation, October 30, 2018

County Landmarks Commission Acquires Historic Duffields Depot, February 8, 2018.

Conservation Efforts Move Forward at the Shepherdstown Battlefield, November 20, 2017

Jefferson County Historic Landmarks Commission Receives a Grant from the West Virginia Humanities Council, October 17, 2017

26 Acres at Shepherdstown Battlefield Preserved Forever, July 3, 2017

Civil War Trust Park Day 2017 at Shepherdstown Battlefield was a Success, April 6, 2017

Feagans’ Mill Added to the National Register of Historic Places, February 16, 2017

Landmarks Commission Establishes Historic Preservation Fund, January 2, 2017

Grant Funds Further Work on Historic Cement Mill Site, December 15, 2016

More Land at Shepherdstown Battlefield Forever Protected, December 5, 2016

Historic Landmarks Commission and Partners Reach Wide Audiences with Events, November 1, 2016

Local Landmarks Commissions to Host Historic Preservation 101 for West Virginia Realtors, October 17, 2016

Peter Burr Farm Historic Site to Host Annual Harvest Faire, September 28, 2016

Bethesda United Methodist Church Designated A Jefferson County Historic Landmark, September 21, 2016

Historic Landmarks Commission Unveils New Logo, September 1, 2016

Historic Landmarks Commission to Present Tour of the Summit Point Battlefield, August 17, 2016

Historic Cemetery Grant Awarded to Jefferson County Historic Landmarks Commission, May 17, 2016

County Historic Landmarks Commission Continues Restoration Efforts at Shepherdstown Battlefield, April 13, 2016

Volunteers Conduct Extensive Work at the Shepherdstown Battlefield, April 4, 2016

The Jefferson County Historic Landmarks Commission (JCHLC) and partners preserve more land at Shepherdstown, August 1, 2014

Jefferson County Landmark Destroyed by Fire, November 16, 2012