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Undertaken and Supported by Jefferson County Historic Landmarks Commission.

The Jefferson County GeoHistory Project seeks to integrate Geographical Information Systems (GIS) into the study of local history and to provide research tools to academics, other professionals, students, and the general public. Although Jefferson County, WV is the geographic focus of this endeavor, the project is structured so that it can be expanded to include other areas if interest and resources develop. The project spans the time period from 1700 to the present and work is underway to digitize and make available sources of historical information. These sources include:

Graphic Images (Photographs, maps, and facsimiles of primary and secondary sources).

Relational databases containing census information and other data generated at the federal, state, and local level

Full text databases and other textual sources containing various material of interest.

GeoExplorer Research Sources

William D. Theriault, Ph.D.

History of Shannondale Springs (pdf version)
William D. Theriault, Ph.D.

Julia Davis: A Literary Biography (.pdf – 11.1 MB)
William D. Theriault, Ph.D.

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