County Landmarks

These historic sites and structures have been designated Jefferson County Historic Landmarks. The year of their designation is listed, and those properties which are also listed on the National Register of Historic Places are marked with an asterisk.

Criteria for designating a property a Jefferson County Historic Landmark 

The Commission may designate an individual building, structure or historic site as an historic landmark if it is:

  1. A property, structure or site that has significant value as part of the heritage of the nation, state or community;
  2. A property, structure or site associated with an important person or event in national, state or local history;
  3. A property, structure or site representative of an architectural and/or landscape type which exemplifies a period, style, craftsmanship, method of construction or use of local materials and retains a high degree of integrity;
  4. A notable work of a master builder, designer, architect or artist;
  5. A property, structure or site identifiable as a familiar visual feature in the community, owing to its unique location or physical characteristics;
  6. A property, structure or site the character of which is a particularly fine or unique example of a utilitarian structure, such as a barn or commercial structure, with a high level of architectural significance;
  7. An area that has yielded or is likely to yield information important in history or prehistory.